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Command pest control Ltd are a family run business with over 28 years experience in pest control, grain care and fumigation business. Our local expert fumigation technicians can provide a next day service with 12 month treatment guarantee, 365 days a year.

Our customers include Cereal and Grain Farmers, Merchants, Grain Store Facilities, Intervention, Grain Co-operatives, Grain Import & Export, Animal Feed, Ships and Holds, Port Health Authorities, Shipping Lines and Freight Forwarders, Food Processing and manufacturing, Storage and warehousing facilities.

Local Areas We Cover include London, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Essex.
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The Complete Fumigation Service

When an infestation of grain weevil, red rust grain beetle, saw tooth grain beetle or mite occurs we recommend a phosphine fumigation treatment to control all stages of stored product insects to stop them destroying your valuable harvest and maintaining pest free conditions.

We provide grain care and grain fumigation services across the UK and in certain situations can provide a next day service to avoid cross contamination of adjoining commodities and buildings. Our Grain Care and Fumigation Services comprise of:

Preventative Fumigation

Low cost phosphine fumigation treatment for wheat, barley and oats in storage. A four to eight week treatment time is required and up to 12 month guarantee is provided.

Curative Fumigation

Phosphine is a well proven and highly effective grain fumigant treatment against stored product pests. With even distribution, non tainting and non residual properties it has fast become the first choice in grain care and protection. It is approved by the government for use in the food industry by licensed specialist fumigation operators.

Pre-Harvest Grain Store Spraying

Insecticide treatment of empty grain stores, silos, bins and elevators as a low cost precautionary treatment against the risk of insect infestation.

Grain Inspections

We can provide pest inspections of bulk commodities and grain storage facilities and assess your circumstances and advise the most cost effective treatment plan available.

Insect Monitoring

By using insect monitors and pitfall traps it is possible to detect infestations at an early stage so the corrective action ban be taken quickly which is highly important pest prevention measure in the long term storage of grain and commodity investments.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Maintaining and monitoring temperature and humidity in grain storage conditions help to indicate levels of insect breeding activity if present.