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Grain Fumigation With Phosphine

As soon as an insect infestation occurs we recommend grain fumigation with phosphine gas to control all stages of the insect life cycle. The treatment time required for a successful fumigation is usually between 7 and 21 days.

Dont Let Insect Infestation Eat Into Your Profits!

For the grain grower, merchant, intervention, importer and exporter insect infestation in grain represents a real threat to grain quality and the risk of rejection.......and that means market value.

Local Areas We Cover include London, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Essex.
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Why Run The Risk Of Grain Rejection

If you are currently taking full advantage of the current high price of grain then you are also running the risk of grain rejection.

We provide grain care and grain fumigation services across the UK and in certain situations can provide a next day service to avoid cross contamination of adjoining commodities and buildings. Our Grain Care and Fumigation Services comprise of:

  • Wasted Transport Costs
  • Downgraded grain prices
  • Lost Tonnage Costs
  • Contract Penalty Costs

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Preventative Fumigation

Last year many grain growers and grain storage facilities undertook a low cost and highly effective preventative fumigation treatment against stored product insects and mite infestation backed up with a pest protection plan involving insect monitoring and grain inspections to avoid the unnecessary costs that a rejected delivery of infested grain will bring. Treatment time for a successful prevenative fumigation treatment is usually four weeks.

Curative Fumigation

When a consignment of grain is rejected then a curative fumigation treatment will be required using phosphine. The treatment time required for a successful fumigation is usually between 7 and 21 days. We can usually provide next day service to avoid further cross contamination of commodities and buildings.

Preventative and Curative Fumigation treatments should leave you better off financially but also with the peace of mind that your bulk commodities are protected and inspected for the next 12 months.

Benefits Of Phosphine Fumigation

  • Controls all stages of stored product insects and Mite
  • No detectable pesticide residue
  • No need to move the infested grain
  • Certificate of treatment
  • Treatment Guaranteed

Your Fumigation Guarantee Can Include

Our Certificate of Fumigation and Treatment Guarantee includes a re-fumigation, free of charge if the grain becomes infested.

We can also undertake a post fumigation inspection 2 weeks after your treatment completion should you request it.

We have a minimum 3 month guarantee depending on your circumstances.