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Gas Free Clearance and Fumigation Residue Removal

We provide Gas Free Clearance of Ships holds at ports throughout the UK with the safe removal and disposal of phosphine fumigation residues.

We are also able to test airspace for low oxygen levels and other trace gases.

At the end of the fumigation exposure period, the amount of gas remaining inside the fumigation danger area must be reduced to a safe level for workers to handle the fumigated product. This must be done because, in a successful fumigation, the concentration of phosphine remaining inside the enclosure can kill human beings.

These areas can be declared 'safe to enter' only after fumigant gas levels have fallen to, or are below, the TLV for the fumigant used.

Local Areas We Cover include London, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Essex.
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The order and speed of aeration must be decided by the fumigator-in-charge after considering factors including the:

  • Concentration of fumigant inside the enclosure
  • Volume of the enclosure in which the fumigation was made
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Fumigant ventilation requirements
  • Proximity of buildings in which people live

Gas Free Clearance Certificate

Once these factors have been taken into account and the fumigation residue disposal undertake we can then issue a Gas Free Clearance Certificate, for further assistance do not hesitate to call us on 0800 074 2450.